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Meet Teresa Webb, CuraSouth Office Manager & Human Resources Designee! 

Teresa has been with CuraSouth since before it opened; August 30th, 2022 marked one year with the company. As an HR designee she facilitates interviews and helps hire new employees, and in her Office Manager role, she makes sure all clinical standards are being met and ensures the program is running smoothly.

“I became a notary and obtained my Managers License before the facility officially opened,” Teresa explains. “I did between two or three weeks of studying, then took an exam. I also make sure that all health guidelines are being adequately implemented and observed. All of our meals are catered; we don’t do any cooking on-site. It’s my job to make sure everyone who handles and serves the food is doing so safely, and I deal directly with the Health Department when they come in, which they do every six months. Really, I help out wherever I’m needed. I’m happy to answer any questions a client might have and help our staff members however I can.”

Teresa plays a large role with the staff members and with clients as they move along in their personal recovery programs. Before she became a fundamental part of the CuraSouth team, Teresa spent around 20 years working directly with the homeless population.

“I worked for Catholic charities for about 12 years,” she says. “I started in the city of St. Pete. At a certain point the police came in, slashed the tents; the homeless population were on the streets. It was a big mess. They called us to come in and help clean up the mess and do case management. That’s the role I served, I was a case manager. I helped people find housing. I have an extensive background in that field, working with clients in the homeless demographic who often simultaneously struggled with addiction issues.”

“I also worked with St. Vincent de Paul. I worked with homeless veterans and helped get them into treatment when they needed to be in treatment. After that I worked for PAR for three years before transitioning to CuraSouth.

They offer rehab, they have an adolescent program where I was a supervisor. Adolescents came into the program and were there for between 4 and 6 months and then we tried to get them into an adult program if that was what they needed at the time.”

Teresa explains why she was drawn to the addiction treatment field. “I’ve always loved this field because I have experienced myself,” she says. “I haven’t personally struggled with addiction, but I have family members who have. I’m a mother to five children; four are my own, and one was adopted. My girlfriend passed away from cancer and I adopted her son, who has cerebral palsy, when she passed away. He’s out on his own doing his thing now.”

A long-time Florida resident, Teresa details the need for more treatment centers like CuraSouth in the area. “We have a need for more detox centers and accessible treatment programs in Pinellas County,” she says. “It’s really bad around here. I think it’s great that we opened up. Our team is great, the BHTs are people who I’ve actually worked with in the past. We’re addressing an important issue and providing an essential service to Florida residents who are struggling with addiction and who are in need of professional detox services.

When Teresa isn’t at work, she visits with her grandson and granddaughter on the weekends, goes out riding on the Harley, and participates in a lot of local events and benefits for underprivileged demographics.

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