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The Southeast’s
Leading Addiction Detox & Recovery Center

CuraSouth is part of Guardian Recovery Network (GRN), a leader in substance use disorder treatment with facilities in multiple states and two decades of experience providing a full continuum of care for clients and their families. Combining extensive client feedback with sound clinical research, our addiction treatment professionals have strategically crafted the CuraSouth detox and recovery experience to best serve clients and their families as they begin to rebuild their lives.

Detox is the vital first step toward recovery. It is a critical time to build the firm foundation on which an individual’s long term recovery will be built. The CuraSouth detox & recovery experience is designed to make the withdrawal process as safe and comfortable as possible. Rather than detoxing in a sterile, hospital setting, CuraSouth clients undergo detox in a serene, cozy, homestyle facility with compassionate staff and a world-class clinical team.

As our client’s minds and bodies detoxify, we begin to address the deeper roots of addiction. While addressing the physical manifestations of addiction is essential, addressing the mental, emotional and spiritual effects of addiction is also imperative. Individual, group and family therapy is offered in addition to holistic treatment methods, 12-step recovery tools and detailed aftercare planning. Every client completes detox with a clear path forward. We help clients find hope and launch confidently into the next phase of their recovery.

Professional Team

Our team of caring medical and clinical professionals has decades of combined experience providing safe and comfortable detoxification. We are ready to help you heal.

Great Services

The CuraSouth experience was created by top addiction treatment professionals using extensive client feedback and clinical research to create a truly unique and highly effective program.

Highest Standards

Our facilities in the Southeastern United States have the highest level of accreditation possible.

Beautiful Facility

We do everything that we can to ensure that you feel all of the comforts of home while going thought our program.

Our Core Beliefs


At Guardian Recovery Network we operate a family of world-class facilities that are committed to ethical excellence, professional integrity and clinical sophistication. Our carefully designed service continuum meets clients where they are and empowers them with the tools for sustained recovery.

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