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Comprehensive Medical Detox

Medically monitored detox is often a necessary first step on the journey of substance abuse recovery. In order for therapeutic intervention to be effective, a client must first be stabilized in a medical detox center, where symptoms of drug and alcohol withdrawal are treated as they develop in a safe and secure environment. Acute drug and alcohol withdrawal can be both physically and mentally agonizing without help, and can last for several days up to two full weeks. The severity and length of withdrawal depend on a variety of factors such as the frequency and duration of the substance abuse disorder, the type of chemical substance being abused and the presence of any underlying physical or mental health conditions. Inpatient detox helps to avoid the severe health-related consequences of withdrawal, which can range from psychological symptoms, such as anxiety, depression, panic attacks and suicidal ideation, to potentially fatal symptoms such as grand mal seizures. If you or someone you love has been abusing a chemical substance of any type for any length of time, entering into an inpatient detox center is a smart choice.

CuraSouth’s Medical Detox Program

At CuraSouth we provide our clients with a safe and pain-free withdrawal. Our homestyle retreat facility is designed with client comfort in mind, and we offer a range of amenities and treatment services that cannot be found in state-funded detox centers or traditional hospitals. However, we believe that effective medical detox should focus on more than physical stabilization and Medication Assisted Treatment. We focus on ways to help our clients maintain continued success in sobriety after leaving our detox program.

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Our Medical Detox

Our medical detox center employs a range of evidence-based techniques, including:

  • Tapering – At CuraSouth we often employ tapering in the case of moderate or severe benzodiazepine withdrawal, and opioid withdrawal in some cases. Tapering refers to slowly weaning a client off a chemical substance (most commonly a prescription medication) over an extended period of time under the close supervision of an experienced medical professional. Tapering is essential when quitting cold turkey could result in life-threatening withdrawal symptoms. Physicians closely monitor clients in order to ensure a healthy heart rate, blood pressure and body temperature.
  • Medication Assisted Treatment (MAT) – Pharmacological intervention — more commonly referred to as Medication Assisted Treatment [MAT] – is an important part of many medical detox programs. At CuraSouth we utilize a number of effective medications including: naltrexone, buprenorphine and tramadol (for the treatment of opioid withdrawal); antipsychotics, anti-anxiety medications and antidepressants; non-narcotic sleep aids and a range of non-addictiv, over-the-counter pain relievers.
  • Holistic treatment methods – Holistic treatment methods can be extremely beneficial when it comes to alleviating psychological drug cravings and helping clients work through emotional and psychological discomfort. Some of the holistic methodologies we employ at CuraSouth include acupuncture, massage therapy, physical therapy, mindfulness meditation and yoga therapy. Clients are able to participate in holistically-based workshops and group sessions whenever they are feeling physically up to doing so.
  • Therapeutic intervention – Therapeutic intervention is an important part of every phase of recovery, from medical detox through inpatient treatment and aftercare. Our therapeutic program includes individual, group and family therapy sessions.

Additional Addiction Treatment Services We Offer

At CuraSouth we focus on providing clients with more than a safe withdrawal in a closely monitored facility. While physical stabilization is our top priority, we focus on comprehensive and highly individualized care.

Addiction Treatment services we offer include:

  • An in-depth clinical and medical assessment – Each client undergoes an assessment upon his or her arrival, which helps our clinical and medical team determine which course of action is going to be most beneficial for each individual.
  • Case management services – Clients are paired with a case manager who walks them through the early recovery process and helps them develop personal treatment goals. Case managers also serve as the main point of contact between the clinical team and the loved ones of each client, plus any legal authorities that may be connected to the individual’s case.
  • Individual therapy & group therapy – Individual therapy sessions take place on a weekly basis, and group therapy sessions are offered at least once a day.
  • Family therapy – At CuraSouth we believe that the loved ones of our clients should be heavily involved in every stage of the recovery process, from detox through aftercare.
  • Aftercare planning – Medical detox is only the first step. We offer rehab placement services to ensure that our clients stay on the right path.

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What to Expect from Our Detox & Recovery Program

When you enter into our medical detox program, you can expect to be treated with nothing but compassion and respect from the moment you arrive. Within the first 24-hours of admission each client undergoes an in-depth clinical and medical assessment, which helps our medical team determine which detox methods are going to prove the most effective for each unique case. Clients are then shown to their accommodations and given a brief tour of the remainder of the facility. They have the opportunity to rest and recuperate, and are regularly checked on by our medical team. Clients can then voluntarily attend group therapy, on-site 12 step meetings and recovery-related workshops. A daily schedule is posted in one of our well-appointed common areas.

You or your loved one could stay in medical detox for between three days and several weeks depending on his or her needs. Once physical stabilization has been achieved the client progresses to the next appropriate level of clinical care.

Recovery Begins with Medical Detox

Sadly, the majority of men and women throughout the country who are in desperate need of addiction treatment fail to seek the help they need. They continue suffering through active addiction, unaware of the extensive resources that are readily available to them. At CuraSouth we are dedicated to making effective medical detox services as accessible as possible to those in need. We believe that recovery is possible for everyone, regardless of their current financial circumstances, the severity of their substance abuse disorder or their initial willingness to get clean. In order for treatment to be effective it does not initially need to be the client’s idea. If need be, we are able to put you in touch with a licensed and highly experienced interventionist who can help get your loved one the help that he or she so desperately needs.

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