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Aetna Covers Detox?

Are you wondering if Aetna covers detox and addiction treatment services?

Aetna is an American-managed healthcare company that was first founded in 1853 in Hartford, Connecticut. Since it was founded Aetna has remained dedicated to providing individuals, families, employers and health care professionals with comprehensive and innovative benefits, services and related products. At this point in time Aetna is a subsidiary of CVS Health Corporation, and the company focuses on inclusion, diversity and continuous access to the highest quality clinical services available. At CuraSouth we work closely with major national health insurance providers like Aetna in order to make our medical detox services as accessible as possible. If you or your loved one is currently insured, it is likely Aetna covers detox and addiction treatment services at CuraSouth.

In addition to focusing on diversity and inclusion, Aetna is dedicated to covering all vital health-related services – including addiction treatment. Some of the behavioral health services that Aetna covers include medically monitored detox, inpatient addiction rehab, partial hospitalization, intensive outpatient treatment and outpatient treatment. According to the “Behavioral Health” portion of the Aetna website, “We all need a little help at times — whether you’re facing a mental health condition or caring for someone who is. Our Aetna Behavioral Health site offers information and support to help you whenever you’re ready. You can: Check your emotional well-being, find caregiver support and resources, watch inspirational videos and read empowering stories, find healthy living tips, connect with your community, and more.” If you are currently insured through Aetna you can utilize their website as a guiding resource and learn more about the recovery-related services they provide.

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Behavioral health services that Aetna is dedicated to covering include:

  • Behavioral therapy – Behavioral therapy, or talk therapy, is one of the longest-standing and most effective methods of substance abuse treatment (when used in conjunction with other evidence-based treatment methods). Behavioral therapy takes place on an individual basis, among a group of like-minded peers or with the immediate family. Each session is facilitated by a licensed therapist or psychologist, and generally lasts for around one full hour.
  • Medication assisted therapy – There are many well-researched medications that have been proven effective in treating substance abuse and dependence, like nalaxone and buprenorphine. Doctors prescribe medications on a client-to-client basis, and effectively help manage any side effects. Again, medication therapy is only effective when utilized as part of a comprehensive and multi-pronged program of recovery.
  • Medical detox – Medically monitored detox is an extremely important first step on every journey of recovery. During detox clients undergo a safe drug or alcohol withdrawal under the close supervision of an experienced team of medical professionals. Aetna covers most services provided by medical detox centers, including behavioral therapy and medication therapy.

At CuraSouth we offer a comprehensive and highly individualized detox program, one that cannot be found in a state-run detox facility or in a traditional hospital setting. To learn more about our integrated recovery program or for a free, no obligation health insurance benefit check contact us today. It is likely Aetna covers detox and addiction treatment services at CuraSouth.

About Medically Monitored Detox

Medical detox is always necessary when it comes to adequate treatment for substance abuse and dependence. Attempting to quit cold turkey or detoxing in an at-home setting can pose serious health risks and lead to life-threatening complications. Detox provides clients with around-the-clock access to professional medical care, so that any related symptoms can be thoroughly treated the moment they develop, and so all potential complications are successfully avoided. However, at CuraSouth we believe that medical detox should focus on more than a pain-free withdrawal and on physical stabilization. We introduce our clients to many vital recovery-related services and resources, providing them with the opportunity to participate in therapy (individual, group and family), participate in daily on-site 12 step meetings and take advantage of the numerous homestyle retreat amenities we offer. Our goal is to maximize client comfort while preparing each of our clients to take the next appropriate step in their personal recovery journeys.

Addiction Recovery
A Multi-Phased Continuum of Care

Medical detox is a necessary first step — but it is only the first step. In order for sobriety to be maintained the client must immediately transition into the next appropriate level of clinical care, which is often inpatient or residential drug and alcohol rehab. Addiction is a chronic disease – one that can be effectively treated, but never entirely cured. It is also a disease that affects all aspects of life, and results in a range of consequences that affect social functioning, psychological well-being and emotional health. In order for addiction treatment to be deemed a success, all affected areas must be addressed. Treating the physical symptoms is never enough – the mental and emotional implications of active addiction must be addressed as well. The National Institute on Drug Abuse published an excerpt from Principles of Drug Addiction Treatment: A Research-Based Guide (Third Edition) titled, “Principles of Effective Treatment.”

The listed principles of drug addiction treatment include:

  • Addiction is a complex disease that affects both behavior and brain function, and symptoms last long after the substance abuse itself has ceased.
  • Addiction is not a one-size-fits-all disease, and the same program of recovery will not be appropriate for everyone.
  • Effective clinical care must be readily available to those in need.
  • Effective addiction treatment addresses all of the needs of an individual, without exclusively focusing on his or her substance use.
  • It is crucial that people remain in treatment for an appropriate amount of time.
  • Behavioral therapy should be included in every long-term treatment program.
  • Medication Assisted Treatment (MAT) should be readily available.
  • Individual treatment plans must be continuously assessed and modified.
  • Because substance abuse and mental health go hand-in-hand, dual diagnosis treatment options are very important.
  • Medical detox is only the first stage of recovery, and is not effective in treating substance abuse or dependence on its own.
  • In order for treatment to be effective it does not have to be voluntary.
  • Drug use must be closely monitored, and if a lapse occurs the treatment plan must be modified.
  • Treatment programs should test clients for infectious diseases and provide risk-reduction counseling.

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We take all of the above-listed principles to heart, and we have developed a comprehensive and individualized detox program that addresses each and every one of these points.

CuraSouth Programs Covered by Aetna Healthcare

At CuraSouth we remain dedicated to making our comprehensive and effective programs as accessible as possible by working closely with major healthcare providers like Aetna.

Recovery-related services and programs we offer include:

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    Getting started on the road to recovery is as simple as picking up the phone and calling us today. At CuraSouth we remain dedicated to making our detox services as accessible as possible, which is why we work closely with major health insurance providers like Aetna. This is also why we have developed an admissions process that is simple and straightforward from start to finish. The moment you or your loved one calls us, we begin by conducting a brief pre-assessment over the phone. We ask a series of pertinent questions, including, “What chemical substances have you been abusing, and for how long?” “Have you ever been diagnosed with an underlying mental health condition like depression, anxiety, bipolar disorder or post-traumatic stress disorder?” “Have you sought treatment for a substance abuse disorder previously, or is this your first attempt to get sober?” The pre-assessment can easily be completed in a few short minutes, and the answers to these questions help our medical and clinical team determine which detox services best suit each individual case. Next we determine potential coverage options. If you or your loved one is currently insured through Aetna, there is a good chance that some or all of our detox services are going to be covered either partially or in full. We provide free insurance benefit checks that require no obligation to our program of recovery. Finally, we set a date and time for intake and arrange safe and reliable transportation to our detox center. Simply contact us today to learn more or to get started.